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For nineteen years the Raspberry Media founding team has delivered world-class interface design and architecture for groundbreaking Internet initiatives. Directed by the creative vision of Ethan Thomas Allen and Josh Woodlander, Raspberry Media continues to deliver customer-focused online solutions that enable clients to offer a more compelling and profitable user experience.

 Management Team:  

Josh Woodlander - President, CEO & Co-founder

As Raspberry Media's "usability guru", Josh Woodlander is the driving force behind the agencies reputation for building user-friendly sites. With over 70 major web site architecture projects under his belt, his experience is invaluable when it comes to rapid site deployment and effective user interaction design. He particularly enjoys complex database driven sites where ease of use and clear navigation is paramount.

As well as his commitment to keeping Raspberry Media at the forefront of user interface design, Josh continues to be a leader and pioneer in the field of online multimedia and digital audio. He is the lead-author of Designing Web Audio, published by O'Reilly and has received critical acclaim from Billboard Magazine for his original soundtrack compositions and sound editing.

Ethan Thomas Allen - Creative Director & Co-founder

Ethan Thomas Allen is the lead creative talent behind Raspberry Media's award winning designs. Pushing the web medium to new frontiers, Allen is one of the rare artists that combine a mastery of design and technology to produce highly complex visually stunning sites. With Allen's creative digital imaging , Raspberry Media has become known for its consistently clean design style with elegant use of color and multi-layered textures.

Before founding Raspberry Media, Allen's photography career brought him to Paris, New York, and LA, shooting for Rolling Stone, Vogue (French Edition), GQ and LA Style. Ethan brings his creative vision and art direction to every Raspberry Media project.

Nash Weber - Software Engineer

Nash Weber has over 12 years experience in server-side development (Java, PHP, C++, Objective C, ASP.NET), database development (MySQL, Oracle, Filemaker), and client-side development (Javascript, jQuerry, CSS, HTML). Since 2008 Nash has been developing business focused iPhone and iPad applications. Nash is fluent in building and scaling both UNIX and Windows server clusters.

Nash is one of those rare programmers that is not only highly proficient at technical matters, but is also an excellent communicator and team leader. When he is not coding, Nash is a passionate musician and recording engineer.


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